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October 19 2014


Tyler and Mac

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October 19 2014



The motto.

lildeeb us at the nursing home

I heard Old Man Rutherfurd cheated in bingo last wednesday…

take my hand…..take my whole life too…”

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do not think about your crush in an old sweatshirt with scruffy hair and a sleepy smile ok dont think about them humming to themselves as they make breakfast in this attire ok dont think about how the light hits them as they sit down across from you and eat breakfast ok just dONT

do not think about joe biden getting ready for bed, wearing a tiny white pair of undies and mid-calf socks while drying off his freshly washed face with a plush egyptian cotton towel

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david bowie aesthetic in #95816C

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October 19 2014

when the heck are boys gonna man up and start wearing dresses